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 Since 2008, CharityTeams has assisted charities with fundraising opportunities such as the Boston Marathon. Over these years, CharityTeams has helped raise funds of over $27,000,000. helping small nonprofits grow while inspiring people to achieve their personal goals. Check out some of the many consulting services we provide below.


Professional athletic trainers, physical therapists, podiatrists, nutritionists, coaches and expert guest speakers are all part of the CharityTeams experience! 


CharityTeams offers weekly group long runs on Saturday mornings to stay motivated and prepared for your goal as well as Tuesday night hill prep.


We also host the CharityTeams Superhero 17 Training Run and the CharityTeams HOP21 Training run, where runners dress in costumes and train for the Boston Marathon.


Fundraising support is also a part of each team programs – teaching people how to fundraise creatively and also how to use social networking to insure maximum fundraising success.


Peer to Peer fundraising strategies are taught to all runners and each runner is set up with a personalized fundraising platform through their non profit.

 A clear understanding of the non profit is also something that is instilled in each runner. The goal is to not only exceed your fundraising but engage you in the cause. CharityTeams helps create dedicated ambassadors and new donors for charities.


The Superhero 17, The Hop 21 and The Boston Team Party are just a few of the fun events you will get invited to experience as a CharityTeams runner.


Also, frequent  meetings with guest celebrity speakers are just some of the perks of being on a CharityTeam. 


CharityTeams makes running fun and we try to engage all of our runners in the social side of running. 

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